The event

Dinner at the Yellow House Oasis/Cena en el Oasis de la Casa Amarilla

Ven y deléitate con los sabores, aromas y ritmos de la Costa Pacifica colombiana. Empezaremos la velada con una lulada. Luego, cocinaré recetas inspiradas en la herencia culinaria del litoral Pacífico, que incluyen: tapao, guiso de jaiba, ceviche, carimañolas. Acompañaremos la cena con un coctel hecho con viche (licor tradicional) y música de la región. ------ Join us for a Dinner Party! Get an insider´s experience of the culture and history of the Colombian Pacific Coast while savoring traditional dishes made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Dinners take place in our redesigned home, an airy oasis in a centrally located, easily accessible and safe neighborhood in the city. I will greet you with an assortment of tropical fruit juices and traditional snacks. Then, I will cook recipes inspired by culinary heritage of the Pacific Littoral, including: tapao (fish stew with plantains), guiso de jaiba (crab casserole), ceviche, carimañolas (stuffed yuca fritters). Dinner is paired with a cocktail made with artisanal sugarcane derived spirits (viche) and music from the region. When we have eight or more guests, dinner is served to the beat of live music. Arouse your senses, make friends, live a memorable experience, join us at our next Dinner Party + Workshop.

The Spooner


Cali, Colombia

¡No hay nada mejor que la buena comida y una conversación jugosa! Me gustaría compartir mi talento para cocinar, mi casa/oasis y mi habilidad para organizar encuentros sabrosos con otros humanos tan apasionados y curiosos como yo. ------ I want to share my talent for cooking, my newly redesigned home, and my knack for entertaining with passionate humans like me.



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